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About cartridges for printer

Refilling and renovation of toner cartridges

Kasseti Expert not only fills the cassettes, but also checks their serviceability in the workflow.
As a rule, our company fills the original cartridges, because they are superior in quality to their analogs. When we open the cartridge, we clean all its parts with special chemicals. Our specialist checks all components of the cartridge and, if necessary, replaces them with new parts. The drum, as the main component of the cartridge, is replaced with a new one during the renovation of the cassette. Only the primary replacement of the drum provides a clear and bright image, which remains so until the cartridge becomes empty. Not only the replacement of the drum and the cleaning of the cassette ensures the quality of printing, it is also necessary to monitor and replace other parts of the cartridge. As our specialists note, with their 15-year experience, different parts wear out differently in different cassettes. In some cartridges, the PCR wears out more quickly (the rubber roller), in others – the magnetic shaft, in the third – the cleaning or dosing knife. After all necessary parts have been replaced and cleaned, the cartridge is filled with toner. Toner and ink manufacturers work all over the world. We tested the quality of various manufacturers – from China to Brazil, but chose the Japanese partner whose product quality has not changed for many years, and the image is clear and bright when printed. After refilling, the cassette is tested on the printer. If the test result is good, the cassette is given to the client. The quality of the loaded and tested cassette meets the quality of the original manufacturer. The percentage of defect is very small, and the price is several times cheaper.

Non-original cassettes and analogues

There are two types of these cassettes:
1. Factory-refilled original cartridge with replaced drum and cleaning knife.
2. The manufacturer of the analog cassette made everything from the plastic case to the cleaning knife. This is a new cartridge, which is sometimes used to mislead the consumer. The sales manager emphasizes to the customer that he sells new, not filled cassettes, and if the price of the cassette is also close to the original, the customer thinks he is buying the original cartridges. It can not be said that one option is better than another, because the quality depends on the manufacturer, the level of control and the lot. Defect has also been detected in well-known analog cartridge manufacturers. The trend is, with years of quality, and the percentage of marriage has dropped significantly. That’s why we included analog cassettes in our price list and give a guarantee on the cassette until it is empty. The price range varies greatly. Cheap analogs can be purchased by the price of tapped cartridges, and more expensive analogues are cheaper than original cassettes by only 15-20%.


Originaali kassettide kvaliteet on kõikidest eelnevatest parem. Aastatega on ka originaal tootjatel kvaliteet langenud just praagi esinemise osas. Kui kümme aastat tagasi ei pidanud kassettides PCR ehk kummirulli kunagi vahetama siis nüüd on see juba reegel.Ei oska öelda mis on kvaliteedi languse põhjus – võib vaid oletada et võideldakse kassettide kodutäitjate vastu kes täidavad kassette puuri ja täida meetodil. Vaatamata väiksele tagasiminekule on originaal tootjate kassetid väga töökindlad ja kvaliteetse välja trükiga.
Ainuke puudus originaal kassettide puhul on nende hind mis võib ulatuda printeri ostu hinnani ja üle selle.